Infinity Tiny Houses,LLC

 The number one question is, "Why are you so much cheaper than everyone else?"

We are a family owned and operated company. We are a husband and wife team with a few hardworking employees.  We limit ourselves to just a few Tiny Houses at a time. This allows us to work on each house every day, all day.  This also allows us to complete a tiny house in about 5 to 8 weeks verses months out like most.
  We work on a first come first serve basis and ask for a $500 deposit to insure next in line. Yes, the $500 will go towards your tiny house. Ordering of a trailer is about 7 to 10 business days before construction begins.
Below, I have put together a list of prices for your review.

all houses include the trailers, these are custum engineered trailers, not car haulers some builders build on!!
 Each tiny house calculates to 1,750 x the length of each house excluding the tongue. The Shell only price calculate 950.00 x length of house. ALL tiny houses are custom built YOUR WAY!

EXAMPLE,  20 ft house x 1,750 = 35,500.00 full build
                     20 ft house x 950.00 = 19,000.00 Shell only
Prices based on 8 ft 6 " wide and 13ft 5"  tall houses

Anything over 8 ft 6 and 40 ft long is the max width and length to pull in Texas, we do offer wider units for park models

Shell only,
The shell includes the trailer, all framing, moister barrier  and insulated sub-floor, siding, windows, door, roof .

We do offer mechanicals f( HVAC, plumbing and electrical) for our shells only at an additional cost set below.

3.00 sq ft ( of living area )
includes all (rough) plumbing needed
tub/shower, sinks, washwe/dryer, fridge, sewer, main water and all drains. does not include hot water heater, to many to choose from the blanket price this item.


3.50 sq ft

includes main service panel and all breakers, rough wiring to all outlets, switches and lighting, outside plugs and lighting, 

HVAC, 950.00 per unit mini split system
outside unit installed, wired and plumbed ready for operation after the inside unit installed and a vacuum pulled on line sets. Inside unit included but will need to be installed after finished walls are complete.

LOFTS, ( available in both full build and shell only )

Each loft = 900.00 at 8 to 12 ft long

Spray foam insulation,
1.75 per sq. ft. of walls and ceiling
flooring foam insulation available, each unit will vary. 

Propane,( shell only upgrade ) 850.00

Each unit will vary, number and size of propane bottles and number of fixtures, hot water heater etc
about 800 per house good rule of thumb

Cedar siding, 
Call for price, based on size and market. 

                                         Shell only    Full custom build        

20 ft unit                             19,000        35,000         

24 ft unit                            22,800         42,600     

28 ft unit                            26,600        49,700         

30 ft unit                            28,500        53,250         

32 ft unit                            30,400        56,800          

36 ft unit                            34,200        63,900         

40 ft unit                            38,000        71,000         

All prices above excludes Tax, Tittle and License / Registration   and Certification.

solar power = 2,999.00
wind power = 1,999.00
solar and wind power dual package = 4,985.00   

Financing coming soon!