Infinity Tiny Houses
Q & A:

Complete Builds
Q. How much are your tiny houses?
A. $1,600.00/per linear ft of house (completed exterior/interior. cook top, apartment size fridge /microwave, free standing oven/cook-top, built in ovens,washer/dryer/dishwasher excluded but available at additional cost. 

Shell only
 $800.00/ft (shell only for you to build interior out yourself). Please see our Price section.

Q. How long does it take to build one?
A. Each unit takes approximately 5 to 7 weeks to complete after receiving the trailer depending on size and complexity. The trailer takes 7-10 business days from date of contract and payment on order date.

Q. What is the max length and width of a tiny house?
A. Texas max length is 40 ft long and 8 ft 6 " wide without having a special permit to legally transport.
That said, bigger units are available with special transport permits. Texas offers special permits for transport for about 75.00 and last 3 days. You do not need pilot cars/trucks if the unit is below 12 ft wide.
This is a one way permit from point (A) to point (B) and 3 day expiration from approval date. 

Q. What are upgrades?
A. Solar Systems, lofts, additional axels above 2 axels,# axels are (HEAVILY) recommended on houses 26 ft and above and run approximately 650.00 per additional axel. Fireplaces, sky lights,
compost toilet verses regular house toilet and porches/decks/roof decks/stairs, etc.

Q. How do payments work ?
A.  Each client is different but a good rule would be as follows:

    Payment # - 1.  Cost of the trailer ordered

    Payment # - 2. Cost of materials to dry-in the 
                                  house. All exterior framing, roof,                                       siding, windows, doors, etc.

    Payment # - 3. Cost to do all the electrical, 
                                  plumbing, HVAC, lofts, insulation,
                                  labor for dry-in stage.

    Payment # - 4. Cost to get all the interior work 
                                  completed, flooring, cabinets, 
                                  tub or shower, final plumbing and
                                  electrical fixtures, wall finishes,                                         etc.

   Payment # - 5.  Final payment

Q. Do you have any models to look at?
A. We are currently in the process of building different showroom models for potential clients to see and visit. We will also have ongoing clients models to view as we construct.  Show room models will be posted periodically. 

Q. Do you offer financing ?
A. At this time we do not, however we are working      with a bank in Texas that will finance a tiny house as long as it is RV certified. I can not mention their  name here but the requirements are as follows;

     1. 650 credit score or better
     2. 45 % or less DTI (Debt to Income)
           Example: $ 1,000 monthly income
           totals debt no more than $450.00/month
           $2,000 month/ $900 in bills
           $3,000 month /$1,350 in bills 
Each applicant will vary as well as interest rates

We recommend you check with your local bank on a typical RV loan. Most banks will not finance a "Tiny House" but will finance a certified tiny house (RV) loan.